hülsta BATHROOM: Green Pioneer


Even before the launch to the trade, we set an important signal with the new bathroom range. Our collections are the first within the bathroom sector that are entitled to carry the best know German environmental label “Blue Angel”.    

For many years, the Blue Angel has been an important point of reference for the purchase of furniture that is low in emissions and manufactured from sustainable sources. In order to carry this environmental label, products are subject to long and elaborate tests, whose criteria are determined by the Federal Environment Agency.

For more than 20 years, hülsta has repeatedly put itself through this certification process. “hülsta is exemplary: innovations are developed and manufactured in line with the protection of the environment and the consumer. The company keeps on setting new benchmarks for this sector, such as currently within the bathroom sector” says Henning Scholtz, Manager of the Environmental Label at the RAL gGmbH.

”The production of furniture that complies with high standards in terms of protection of the environment and the consumer is a main part of our company philosophy. Our team is working hard to ensure that we are keep on making progress and are genuinely innovative. This is also part of the hülsta quality“, emphasises hülsta Managing Director Andreas Bremmer.

In 1996, hülsta was the first furniture company entitled to label its entire modular unit range including base frames with the Blue Angel. Since then, hülsta staff have been involved in further developing the strict criteria for this environmental label, thus making a considerable contribution to the ongoing development of “green standards” in this industry. With the new Tetrim and Gentis bathroom collections, hülsta is once again setting the trend for an ecological approach to production.

About the Blue Angel

There are currently approximately 12,000 products from 1,600 companies in approx. 115 different product groups that are labelled with the Blue Angel. Only goods and services that are the best for the environment from one product group are awarded the environmental label. Independence and credibility are guaranteed by the Environmental Label Jury, the Federal Environment Agency and the RAL gGmbH. Members of the Environmental Label Jury are the BDI, BUND, DGB, HDE, NABU, vzbv, ZDH, Stiftung Warentest, media, churches, sciences, the Association of German Cities and Towns and the Federal States.

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