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now! easy - because life is complicated enough.  Everything you need: just a handful of elements provide maximum design possibilities. Sixteen different elements comprising various modular units and glass cabinets form the basis for an irresistibly simple living concept. All of the elements in the collection can be combined with one another. They can be placed next to one another, stacked or wall-mounted to create a sideboard, a night console, a classic living room combination or an extensive kitchen cupboard. One thing is for sure, there is no need to take any final decisions.

Simply perfect. You are at home, relaxing, forgetting everyday life. If you love a comfortable yet tidy look, then the accent colours dark green, lilac and dark blue will be the perfect choice. Deep, muted shades on walls and furniture are the current trend, turning your home into a Zen garden. Easy.



Open the door, feel at home. Your everyday companions stay in the hallway, which can be easily designed to suit your individual taste, with mirror(s), units and accents. The muted accent colours cast a spell over your hallway and make a stunning eye-catcher.



The inside of the now! easy glass cabinet is available in natural oak, light grey or pure white. The clean white and simple lines will instantly make your home look perfectly organised.



Looks like modern graphic arts: the living room combination in pure white and natural oak. A cable inlet prevents tangled cables, the stunning interior lighting enhances the open compartment.



You need a home for your belongings? We recommend one of the now! easy sideboards, either on legs, placed straight on the floor or wall-mounted. Slim or wide, with drawers, open compartment or hinged doors? Completely up to you.



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