2019 TRENDS: Elegance & glamour


Daring colours, extravagant fabrics, the finest natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship: depending upon the scheme, they can have either an ultra-modern and clean-lined effect or they can stand out with a casual-chic vintage charm.  The good thing: often a statement piece is enough to create a surprising impact.

Dark night blue celebrates its comeback! The shade is sensuously elegant, brings a sense of calm and is exceptionally versatile, effortlessly matching different wood types, gloss metal and the raw look of concrete.

hülsta TETRIM

If you appreciate bold accents, then look at different nuances of red. The terracotta shades of the TETRIM line are warm eye-catchers that will instantly draw all the attention. They are therefore ideal for glass cabinets and open compartments, where beautiful objects are displayed.

hülsta FONIS

Furniture and accessories in gloss violet create a genuine statement in any room. Hardly any other colour stands for more elegance. With the new FONIS collection, the furniture manufacturer hülsta even offers a choice from approximately 2000 lacquer colours from the NCS colour scale. The wealth of possibilities is therefore almost endless.

hülsta PERSIS

One of the most important ingredients for a glamorous table: ambient lighting that perfectly sets the scene for refined furniture.  Here, different, even contrasting materials can be used. Precious fabrics, elegant Nubuk leather and solid, anthracite coloured oak offer contrasts in look and feel, however, they perfectly complement each other with their versatility and create a beautifully balanced overall look.

Velvet will remain in 2019 – the fabric is luxurious and – more than any other material – stands for utter comfort: achieve it in your own home. If you want to get to know the material, simply choose an accessory such as the birdy pouffe to add a beautiful accent. Further additions are possible at any time.

Images: hülsta

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