Even though a typical bathroom only measures nine square metres – it now increasingly turns into a spacious wellness oasis. Instead of just using it in the morning and at night, a bathroom often features a cosy Spa environment, offering a comfortable and elegant ambience. With the new TETRIM and GENTIS bathroom collections, hülsta will substantially influence this trend with design-oriented and functional “Made in Germany” furniture.

As fluent as the transitions between the various areas in the home are today, our bathroom series GENTIS and TETRIM satisfy them just as naturally. With the high-grade finish, timeless beauty and immaculate functions.

TETRIM builds bridges from the bedroom area into the bathroom. Like the current living room and bedroom ranges, the bathroom collection stands out with a distinctively simplistic design. The characteristic L-shape is repeated – as open compartments, giving easy access to towels, brushes etc. Handle-less fronts underline the clean design, push-to-open drawers and doors allow effortless and silent opening.

Unique lighting makes TETRIM very special: the lighting is integrated into the frames of cabinets and mirrors, flowing through the clean lines and reflected by smooth, handleless surfaces. Light-coloured finishes create a subtle light. Counter-top sinks, towel holders, wall panels, cover surfaces and frames in a matching design complement the range. Materials such as ceramic, anodised aluminium and chrome add elegant accents.

GENTIS adds a natural touch to the bathroom. Just as in the bedroom and living room, the collection now brings attractive opposites to the bathroom with a mix of reflective high-gloss surfaces and natural wood. The units can be placed together to create extravagant combinations or be used as expressive soloists. A functional frame with LED-lighting gives the single units a floating appearance. Handle-less fronts provide calm surfaces, the push-toopen technology ensures that drawers and doors close effortlessly and silently. Lighting is integrated into the mirrored cabinets.

If you love a simplistic natural mix of materials, then GENTIS offers a large selection: The carcase and the fronts are available in pure white lacquer, silk grey and grey, the units can be combined with accent units in knotted oak, walnut or oak anthracite. A mix of light colours and natural oak provides a fresh, Scandinavian atmosphere, dark shades and walnut and oak anthracite accents deliver an elegant look. Counter-top sinks, towel holders, wall panels and ceramic cover surfaces in a matching design complement the range. The mix is distinctive: Elegant towel rods in high-gloss chrome create an exciting contrast to knotted oak towel holders.

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