The distinctive PULSO design feature is its tilted elliptic headboard. Indirect lighting underlines the extravagant design. The colour of the light can be perfectly adjusted to match the different PULSO versions: cool white lighting is great with pure white, warm lighting enhances the natural oak version. Comfortable: the 47 cm bed height and different bed widths and lengths. For storage next to the bed, there is a choice of classic consoles with drawers or oval side tables that repeat the design of the headboard.

hülsta PULSO

Puristic, modest and with that certain pinch of extravagance: the fine fronts of PULSO are captivating. Modularity and highly modern fittings such as integrated atmospheric lamps or push-to-open devices. Well thought-out design units can be found throughout the series, but the individual units are also functionally way ahead of their rivals.

The wardrobes from the PULSO collection offer almost endless storage space. The version with asymmetrically aligned large drawers is particularly functional. There is plenty of scope to create different looks: natural materials create an attractive impact; accent colours emphasise handles and drawers. The simplistic wardrobe version features a horizontal lighting belt, which doubles up as a handle. Well-thought-out details include push-to-open drawers, pull-out trouser racks and clothes lifts. Stylish chests offer additional space for bed linen and clothes.

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Images: hülsta PULSO

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