Have breakfast in a hülsta Boxspring bed, be absorbed by the last pages of your thriller or fall asleep with the scent of fresh bedclothes…; a designer Boxspring bed is possibly the best place for relaxing and having a restful sleep. Do you prefer to dream, stretch and turn over just once more, or do you jump out of bed refreshed in the morning? Our designer hülsta Boxspring beds offer sumptuous lying comfort plus endless possibilities for everyone. The lavish yet perfectly balanced extra springing of the Boxspring box with hardly noticeable micro-swinging lulls you to sleep. Everything is possible, not only in your dreams: you choose your individual system from endless shapes, sizes and colours. The high-quality collection of 200 fabric and artificial leather cover versions offers endless colours and materials. For maximum comfort, hülsta Boxspring beds are also available in a motorised version.