hülsta 80 Jahre JubiläumCelebrate a colourful anniversary year with us and decide upon your individual and durable hülsta furniture! Benefit for 365 days from diff erent furniture campaigns and attractive anniversary offers.

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Perfect Interiors.

Neo adds a very individual touch to any room. Furniture that appears to be floating lends the bedroom an elegant lightness. Beautifully crafted frames, chrome-plated or anthracite lacquered, provide a subtle contrast to lacquered and wooden fronts. A choice of 1950 lacquer colours from the NCS colour system allows Neo to create exciting colour combinations, thus delivering a balanced overall concept for an individual bedroom. Different materials such as wood, lacquer, glass or ceramic provide a striking design down to the very last detail.

Simple, puristic design.

Finely worked out details. Noble material mix. This is Neo Sleeping. Elegantly rounded bed sides and a skid frame cleverly worked into the head and footboards direct the eye to the Neo bed. Occasional furniture in 1950 lacquer colours according to NCS and cover plates made of wood, lacquer, glass or filigree ceramic set exciting accents. Grid elements with doors, drawers, flaps or open compartments extend the range with modules with which cupboards can be individually assembled. Wardrobes in various designs and matching elements with drawers open up many design possibilities. Modern and concentrated on the essential.

Materials with A feel-good Factor.
Materials with A feel-good Factor.