One look, one touch is sufficient to recognise genuine quality.


Quality. Design. Individuality.

One look, one touch is sufficient to recognise genuine quality. This is proven by exclusive design, meticulously selected materials, high-quality manufacturing and detailed craftsmanship as well as by sustainability, perfect functionality and consistent beauty that retains its attraction for many years. This is the type of quality synonymous with hülsta.

For the production of our furniture, we are fully committed to the careful use of resources, durability and a healthy living climate. We therefore ensure that our wood comes from responsibly managed sustainable sources and we do not use any tropical wood. This not only saves the rain forest but also shortens transportation, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Sustainable furniture production also includes the use of environmentallyfriendly lacquer and adhesives to ensure a healthy climate – both in your home and outside.

The best wood requires perfect processing. In order to ensure that you can enjoy your hülsta furniture for many years to come, we use proven technologies. This allows us to create furniture for people, who value durable, aestetically pleasing and highly functional interiors. Furniture that you will feel at home with for years to come.

Quality and sustainability - tested and certified.

Quality assurance and consumer protection are of highest priority to hülsta. Europe-wide hardly any other furniture manufacturer has been giving as many awards as hülsta for the quality of its products by so many independent institutes.

The “Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel” (DGM), that we have been a member of since 1974, applies strict benchmarks for its product tests. It defines standards for quality and consumer protection.

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On the basis of its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1, 2 and 3, hülsta has asked the climate protection initiative to determine its carbon foodprint. hülsta subsequently acquired high-grade climate protection certificates, which guarantee that all emissions are neutralised.

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Since 1996, we are entitled to label all of our modular furniture and base frames with the strictly regulated “Blue Angel“, which awards products that are low in emissions and especially environmentally friendly.

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Developed by a group of experts from the DGM and leading testing institutes, in order to give the consumer all of the important information regarding pollutant content at one glance. The entire hülsta portfolio is classified at level “A“ in accordance with these guidelines.


GS stands for proven safety and shows our customers that the respective hülsta products are checked on a regular basis and comply with all safety requirements.

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hülsta 5 Jahre Garantie

As a private customer, we offer you a 5-year guarantee on all furniture frome the hülsta and now! by hülsta brands and a 2-year guarantee on electronic parts. The hülsta guarantee is an individual service for you and can therefore not be transferred.