hülsta Sofa hs.432


The hs.432 is a sofa range that is not made for stiffly sitting up straight, but for extremely comfortable lounging. The distinctive size, the balanced proportions with a low backrest – everything is made to fit inch-perfect. However, the hs.432 has a generous size: in line with the current trend, there is an emphasis on horizontal lines. The sofa architecture basically imitates the look of a spacious bungalow. The hs.432 manages to incorporate this special design into any room even into an apartment on the 5th floor. Its craftsmanship is of course top quality.

Awarded with the “Blue Angel”
Design: Hoffmann Kahleyss

hülsta Sofa hs.432

from the product line: SOFA

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hülsta Sofa hs.432 hülsta Sofa hs.432 hülsta Sofa hs.432 hülsta Sofa hs.432