10 TIPS for a wellness bathroom


You don't need to lay new floor tiles or refurbish everything to get more Hygge flair into your bathroom. Now the new and homely bathroom units and some special little tricks convert every bathroom into a cosy oasis of well-being.

1. STORAGE SPACES organise the bathroom, thus visually adding a sense of calm to the room. Less is more! This applies to the bathroom (just like to the rest of the house). Keeping things tidy makes life more comfortable. Closed wall-mounted and base cabinets with practical compartments and subdivisions are fabulous storage helpers, as many items can be perfectly kept free from dust. The new Gentis hülsta bathroom series offers many different bathroom furniture versions that allow you to perfectly furnish your home.

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2. LIGHT If you allow as much daylight into the bathroom as possible, it will make it look bigger. The lighter a room, the larger it appears. You can achieve this by using (preferably light-coloured) shutters and blinds, which you can adjust to suit the time of day. It is also advisable to remove anything from near the window that makes the room unnecessarily dark. Another trick is the use of mirrors to reflect the light, thus bringing more brightness into the bathroom whilst visually extending the room.

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3. PLANTS in the bathroom not only produce a better room climate, as they deliver oxygen and moisture, but they also have a positive impact on our well-being. As the bathroom is not ideal for all plants (due to high humidity and different light conditions), it is helpful to ask an expert as to which plants thrive in bathroom conditions. Plants such as zamia, parnassia, aspidistra and peace lilies are particularly suitable. Tip: simply put a bunch of fresh flowers in your bathroom! It will create a much cosier ambience.

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4. HOOKS are great helpers – and a perfect complement to traditional storage spaces in the bathroom. It is best to use self-adhesive hooks in order to avoid damage to tiles or marble. It also eliminates the risk of drilling into water pipes or electricity cables. Beautifully designed hooks are also fabulous eye-catchers for your feel-good bathroom. Simply choose any that also look good when not in use.

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5. COLOUR is always uplifting – even in the bathroom. Subtle natural shades give your bathroom a natural feel. Light pastel tones provide a fresh, light-hearted look. Tip: as there is high humidity in the bathroom, it is advisable to use appropriate paints. These are moisture-repellent and contain special chemical fungicides that prevent mould. Additionally, you can also experiment with beautiful wallpapers, however only put them on walls that splash-proof!

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6. HIGHLIGHTS such as a marble sink, elegant textiles, stylish fittings or unusual lamps turn plain bathrooms into something special. Simply play with materials and textures to achieve your individual dream look! Tip: stylish towels create true miracles when it comes to creating that “wow” effect. Or maybe choose a small chandelier?

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7. RUGS provide stylish dashes of colour and make every bathroom look more comfortable. Make sure that they are washable and easy to clean, they should also preferably fit into your washing machine. High-pile wool rugs are not suitable for bathrooms and should be avoided for obvious reasons. Tip: wipeable plastic rugs are advantageous, as they are extremely easy to care for and are suitable for wet conditions.

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8. A FABRIC instead of a plastic shower curtain! When wet, it does not stick to your body, is machine-washable and makes your bathrom look much cosier. Water-repellent fabrics are available in different versions. You can purchase ready-made curtains in different lengths or simply buy some fabric and sew it yourself or have it made by an expert. Tip: vertical stripes make the room look higher.


9. BASKETS – whether large or small – are absolute must-haves in every feel-good bathroom! Made from natural materials such as rattan, water hyacinth or sea grass, they provide a wonderfully comfortable hygge flair. Large baskets are perfect for keeping things tidy; for instance, they are great for used towels and clothes. Smaller baskets, especially with a lid, are also exceptionally practical, making them a clever and easily accessible place to store cotton wool pads and other little bits and pieces.

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10. DECORATIVE LADDERS are a versatile design feature – and they look pretty! As they are high rather than wide, they do not require much space and are therefore perfectly suitable even for small bathrooms. They are also very flexible and can be put wherever they are needed. Tip: you can casually place some towels or other bathroom items – or use the rungs to put your clothes onto.

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