80 Jears hülsta discover anniversary: NCS colour trends #1 Evolving Eclecticism


Discover the 24 NCS colour trends for 2020+ that were selected by internationally renowned colour experts. Decide upon an individual Neo Living unit in your favourite colour. In the first quarter of 2020, we introduce you to the trend #1 Evolving Eclecticism. Offering four trends for 2020+, NCS offers a suitable colour world for every taste – visit your hülsta retailer to discover further trends and get more information.  


There is a new awareness of the importance of responsible consumption, with sustainability at its core. More and more of the products we buy are made from sustainably produced and recycled materials, and a culture of combining many different themes and ideas is emerging to establish a new kind of luxury based on responsibility.

The colour trend #1 Evolving Eclecticism reflects this new culture by combining colours that at first glance seem to have little in common – but which are all derived from our environment and remind us of important substances of a conscious lifestyle – such as water, sky and earth.

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