LIGHTING CREATES AN ATMOSPHERE: a cosy ambience for your home


When it is cold and dark outside, your home becomes a refuge. To create a cosy ambience, you mainly need one thing: lighting. Suitable lighting is important for a comfortable atmosphere and can be an excellent good-mood booster for the dark season. The main principle: the choice of light source and its dosage is particularly important to ensure that rooms don't feel uncomfortable.

Just as with many other interior design aspects, the choice of accents set by lighting should be carefully chosen. Too much or too little lighting does not look good, a uniformly lit room often looks boring. Using clever combinations of furniture and light sources, interior advisors or designers create comfortable rooms. This is especially important in winter, when we spend a lot of time at home.

Candles are the classic choice to set the scene in a room. However, suitable lighting arrangements can also highlight beautiful furniture, materials or details. A cabinet turns into an ambient light source, whilst also displaying its contents to great effect. Sideboards lit from the rear, such as from the furniture manufacturer hülsta can literally be a true highlight: a lit frame, which surrounds the wall-mounted units, subtly lights the room and gives the sideboard a floating appearance.

In addition to changing lighting colours and brightness, the warmth of the light also plays an important role with regard to the comfort factor in your own four walls. From exciting settings created by changing from warm/cool lighting to a reflective, warm ambience: lighting can be easily and individually adjusted to suit different requirements and situations. Indirect lighting brings cosiness, whilst focused lighting is necessary for work environments.

Images: hülsta

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