2019 TRENDS: Scandinavian Chic


Pure, elegantly, beautifully simplistic yet not sterile. A Scandinavian style has long been trendy. This will still be the case in 2019.  This interior design classic is complemented by new nuances that give the overall look a more elegant feel.

Light colours reflect the light – especially in winter, this bright friendliness provides a feel-good factor.  Light-coloured woods are a perfect companion, as they create a friendly, natural atmosphere. Curved wood units, such as with VONO from hülsta, underline the natural feel of the material – and offer that little something extra with elegant lines. Coarse fabrics and natural materials such as wool work really well with this scheme.

Classic Scandinavian white and natural oak are also a great choice for the children’s room, as the light-coloured mix of materials can be enjoyed for years to come and can always be re-styled: whether combined with spring-like green, cool petrol, bold red or in gentle pastel shades.

If you love Scandinavian design, you will also decide against any extravagance in the bathroom.  Instead, functionality and storage space are combined to create a simplistic concept. Tip: work with plenty of light and plan lighting islands and accents, such as light fillets on the ceiling or accents in open compartments; both will provide a homely atmosphere.

Sometimes you don’t need much: a small, airy table arrangement create lots of Scandinavian comfort. Whether in wood or a mix of wood, lacquer or metal:  the now! coffee tables can be used as night tables, bathroom storage or living room table. Irrespective of the room they are used in – these contemporary little tables always look stunning and can effortlessly be re-arranged at any time.

Images: hülsta

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