THE NIGHT OWL: How do I find restful sleep?


Whilst we sleep, our body switches to regeneration: The brain processes experiences from the past, rests during deep sleep, the mind relaxes. Furthermore, hormones are produced, which help to renew our cells. However, good sleep cannot be taken for granted: Back problems, allergies or night sweats make many people sleep badly. hülsta sleeping expert Winfried Weber (Dipl. Ind. Designer) reveals how everyone can find restful sleep.

Which mattress firmness is correct?

In principle, the following applies: When lying down, it should be possible to move without effort. If the mattress is too soft, the body sinks in too depply. If it is too hard, it quickly becomes uncomfortable. Ideal positions for people without orthopedic problems are a flattened S-shape in the supine position and a spine, which is almost in a straight line, in the lateral position. The mattress firmness determined in accordance with the individual Body-Mass-Index is generally correct.

Two thirds of Germans are suffering from back problems. What helps?

The correct mattress and a matching base frame are the deciding factors. They help with the regeneration of spine and muscles and relieve symptoms. People with orthopedic problems therefore require adjustable lying surfaces. This can generally only be ensured by a combination of a Latex or cold foam mattress plus base frame, which provides very precise support for the shoulder, cervical vertebra, lumbar and pelvic areas.

Do allergy sufferers also have a chance of restful sleep?

Nights are particularly bad for people who are suffering from house-dust allergies, because dust mites feel very comfortable in beds. My tip: Our mattress covers are washable up to 60 degrees. Furthermore, all components comply with the “ECO-TEX“ standard, class I, baby. This means that the products comply with the most stringent emission values, making the mattresses particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. We always recommend to sufficiently air the bedroom and to keep the humidity below 50 percent – this ensures that allergenic mildews have no chance. Thermometer and hygrometer should therefore be part of a bedroom.

What can I do, if I perspire heavily at night?

Spring core mattresses are particularly suitable for people, who perspire heavily. They draw excessive heat away from the body; this ensures a more comfortable, cooler sleeping feeling. During the day, it is important to sufficiently air the mattress so that it can dry again. Latex and cold foam mattresses must have special, vertical ventilation holes to avoid aggravating the problem. The Outlast® cover from hülsta is a special mattress cover for people who perspire heavily.

Which room climate is best for sleeping?

An average temperature between 16 and 20 degrees and a humidity between 40 and 60 percent are ideal. If it is colder, the humidity quickly settles. Warmer temperatures however disturb our sleep. Absolute must: regular airing. At least twice a day, thewindows should be opened wide for at least 5 minutes. However, I would not recommend constant airing with a tilted window – the rooms get cold, mould can be the result. During the night, the windows should remain closed: Noise and cold can have a negative impact on sleep.

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